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Article #123
FileMaker Error Codes
Error Code Description
-1 Unknown error
0 No error
1 User canceled action
2 Memory error
3 Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system or mode)
4 Command is unknown
5 Command is invalid (for example, a Set Field script step does not have a calculation specified)
6 File is read-only
7 Running out of memory
8 Empty result
9 Insufficient privileges
10 Requested data is missing
11 Name is not validd
12 Name already exists
13 File or object is in use
15 Can't divide by zero
16 Operation failed; request retry (for example, a user query)
17 Attempt to convert foreign character set to UTF-16 failed
18 Client must provide account information to proceed
19 String containers characters other than A-Z, a-z, 0-9 (ASCII)
20 Command/operation canceled by triggered script
21 Request not supported (for example, when creating a hard link on a file system that does not support
100 File is missing
101 Record is missing
102 Field is missing
103 Relationship is missing
104 Script is missing
105 Layout is missing
106 Table is missing
107 Index is missing
108 Value list is missing
109 Privilege set is missing
110 Related tables are missing
111 Field repetition is invalid
112 Window is missing
113 Function is missing
114 File reference is missing
115 Menu set is missing
116 Layout object is missing
117 Data source is missing
118 Theme is missing
130 Files are damaged or missing and must be reinstalled
131 Language pack files are missing (such as Starter Solutions_
200 Record access is denied
201 Field cannot be modified
202 Field access is denied
203 No records in file to print, or password doesn't allow print access
204 No access to field(s) in sort order
205 User does not have access privileges to create new records; import will overwrite existing data
206 User does not have password change privileges, or file is not modifiable
207 User does not have privileges to change data base schema, or file is not modifiable
208 Password does not contain enough characters
209 New password must be different from existing one
210 User account is inactive
211 Password has expired
212 Invalid user account and/or password; please try again
213 User account and/or password does not exist
214 Too many login attempts
215 Administrator privileges cannot be duplicated
216 Guess account cannot be duplicated
217 User does not have sufficient privileges to modify administrator account
218 Password and verify password do not match
300 File is locked or in use
301 Record is in use by another user
302 Table is in use by another user
303 Database schema is in use by another user
304 Layout is in use by another user
306 Record modification ID does not match
307 Transaction could not be locked because of a communication error with the host
308 Theme is locked and in use by another user
400 Find criteria are empty
401 No records match the request
402 Selected field is not a match field for a lookup
403 Exceeding maximum record limit for trial version of FileMaker Pro
404 Sort order is invalid
405 Number of records specified exceeds number of records that can be omitted
406 Replace/reserialize criteria are invalid
407 One or both match fields are missing (invalid relationship)
408 Specified field has inappropriate data type for this operation
409 Import order is invalid
410 Export order is invalid
412 Wrong version of FileMaker Pro used to recover file
413 Specified field has inappropriate field type
414 Layout cannot display the result
415 One or more required related records are not available
416 A primary key is required from the data source table
417 File is not a supported data source
418 Internal failure in INSERT operation into a field
500 Date value does not meet validation entry options
501 Time value does not meet validation entry options
502 Number value does not meet validation entry options
503 Value in field is not within the range specified in validation entry options
504 Value in field is not unique, as required in validation entry options
505 Value in field is not an existing value in the file, as required in validation entry options
506 Value in field is not listed in the value list specified in validation entry option
507 Value in field failed calculation test of validation entry option
508 Invalid value entered in Find mode
509 Field requires a valid value
510 Related value is empty or unavailable
511 Value in field exceeds maximum field size
512 Record was already modified by another user
513 No validation was specified but data cannot fit into the field
600 Print error has occurred
601 Combined header and footer exceed one page
602 Body doesn't fit on a page for current column setup
603 Print connection lost
700 File is of the wrong file type for import
706 EPSF file has no preview image
707 Graphic translator cannot be found
708 Can't import the file, or need color monitor support to import file
711 Import translator cannot be found
714 Password privileges do not allow the operation
715 Specified Excel worksheet or named range is missing
716 A SQL query using DELETE, INSERT, or UPDATE is not allowed for ODBC import
717 There is not enough XML/XSL information to proceed with the import or export
718 Error in parsing XML file (from Xerces)
719 Error in transforming XML using XSL (from Xalan)
720 Error when exporting; intended format does not support repeating fields
721 Unknown error occurred in the parser or the transformer
722 Cannot import data into a file that has no fields
723 You do not have permission to add records to or modify records in the target table
724 You do not have permission to add records to the target table
725 You do not have permission to modify records in the target table
726 Source file has more records than the target table; not all records were imported
727 Target table has more records than the source file; not all records were updated
729 Errors occurred during import; records could not be imported
730 Unsupported Excel version; convert file to the current Excel format and try again
731 File you are importing from contains no data
732 This file cannot be inserted because it contains other files
733 A table cannot be imported into itself
734 This file type cannot be displayed as a picture
735 This file type cannot be displayed as a picture; it will be inserted and displayed as a file
736 Too much data to export to this format; data will be truncated
738 The theme you are importing already exists
800 Unable to create file on disk
801 Unable to create temporary file on System disk
802 Unable to open file
803 File is single-user, or host cannot be found
804 File cannot be opened as read-only in its current state
805 File is damaged; use Recover command
806 File cannot be opened with this version of FileMaker Pro
807 File is not a FileMaker Pro file or is severely damaged
808 Cannot open file because access privileges are damaged
809 Disk/volume is full
810 Disk/volume is locked
811 Temporary file cannot be opened as FileMaker Pro file
812 Exceeded host’s capacity
813 Record synchronization error on network
814 File(s) cannot be opened because maximum number is open
815 Couldn’t open lookup file
816 Unable to convert file
817 Unable to open file because it does not belong to this solution
819 Cannot save a local copy of a remote file
820 File is being closed
821 Host forced a disconnect
822 FMI files not found; reinstall missing files
823 Cannot set file to single-user; guests are connected
824 File is damaged or not a FileMaker file
825 File is not authorized to reference the protected file
826 File path specified is not a valid file path
827 File was not created because the source contained no data or is a reference
850 Path is not valid for the operating system
851 Cannot delete an external file from disk
852 Cannot write a file to the external storage
853 One or more containers failed to transfer
900 General spelling engine error
901 Main spelling dictionary not installed
903 Command cannot be used in a shared file
905 Command requires a field to be active
906 Current file is not shared; command can be used only if the file is shared
920 Cannot initialize the spelling engine
921 User dictionary cannot be loaded for editing
922 User dictionary cannot be found
923 User dictionary is read-only
951 An unexpected error occurred (*)
952 Invalid FileMaker Data API token (*)
953 Maximum number of FileMaker Data API calls exceeded (*)
954 Unsupported XML grammar (*)
955 No database name (*)
956 Maximum number of database sessions exceeded (*)
957 Conflicting commands (*)
958 Parameter missing (*)
959 Custom Web Publishing technology is disabled
960 Parameter is invalid
1200 Generic calculation error
1201 Too few parameters in the function
1202 Too many parameters in the function
1203 Unexpected end of calculation
1204 Number, text constant, field name, or "(" expected
1205 Comment is not terminated with "*/"
1206 Text constant must end with a quotation mark
1207 Unbalanced parenthesis
1208 Operator missing, function not found, or "(" not expected
1209 Name (such as field name or layout name) is missing
1210 Plug-in function or script step has already been registered
1211 List usage is not allowed in this function
1212 An operator (for example, +, -, *) is expected here
1213 This variable has already been defined in the Let function
1215 This parameter is an invalid Get function parameter
1216 Only summary fields are allowed as first argument in GETSUMMARY
1217 Break field is invalid
1218 Cannot evaluate the number
1219 A field cannot be used in its own formula
1220 Field type must be normal or calculated
1221 Data type must be number, date, time, or timestamp
1222 Calculation cannot be stored
1223 Function referred to is not yet implemented
1224 Function referred to does not exist
1225 Function referred to is not supported in this context
1300 The specified name can't be used
1301 A parameter of the imported or pasted function has the same name as a function in the file
1400 ODBC client driver initialization failed; make sure ODBC client drivers are properly installed
1401 Failed to allocate environment (ODBC)
1402 Failed to free environment (ODBC)
1403 Failed to disconnect (ODBC)
1404 Failed to allocate connection (ODBC)
1405 Failed to free connection (ODBC)
1406 Failed check for SQL API (ODBC)
1407 Failed to allocate statement (ODBC)
1408 Extended error (ODBC)
1409 Error (ODBC)
1413 Failed communication link (ODBC)
1414 SQL statement is too long
1450 Action requires PHP privilege extension (*)
1451 Action requires that current file be remote
1501 SMTP authentication failed
1502 Connection refused by SMTP server
1503 Error with SSL
1504 SMTP server requires the connection to be encrypted
1505 Specified authentication is not supported by SMTP server
1506 Email message(s) could not be sent successfully
1507 Unable to log in to the SMTP server
1550 Cannot load the plug-in, or the plug-in is not a valid plug-in
1551 Cannot install the plug-in; cannot delete an existing plug-in or write to the folder or disk
1626 Protocol is not supported
1627 Authentication failed
1628 There was an error with SSL
1629 Connection timed out; the timeout value is 60 seconds
1630 URL format is incorrect
1631 Connection failed
1632 The certificate has expired
1633 The certificate is self-signed
1634 A certificate verification error occurred
1635 Connection is unencrypted