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Send Text Messages from FileMaker

Download this sample database and start sending text messages using your Twilio account. If you've never used Twilio, sign up for a free trial account here.

Using the "Insert from URL" script step and the new cURL options in FileMaker 16, integration with web services such as the Twilio API is fairly simple.

We've made it even easier for you with this sample. Just enter information from your Twilio account and you're ready to send messages.

Dave Sullivan  Jan 22, 2020
I have a lot of methods for doing a ton of things with text messages. Sending bulk messages is easy. First, you'll need to make sure all your phone numbers are in e164 format (for example, +13127788787). Second, you'll want to use Twilio's Lookup API to verify that the numbers you have are cell phones. No use in wasting money on land lines. Third, you'll perform an 'insert from URL' script step for each phone number record and store the response from Twilio in the record. If you want delivery confirmation, you'll poll the Twilio API a third time after a few seconds to make sure each message was delivered. I'd be happy to walk you through how to do it or help you set it up. Sully Mandelbrot LLC voice or text: +13127788787 email:

Scott Z.  Nov 09, 2019
Do you have a method to send bulk text messages with Twilio and not just one?