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Article #136
Developer Tip: Utility Layouts in FileMaker
Build utility layouts in your FileMaker database for quick access to data, for use in scripts, and for troubleshooting.

Utility layouts, or what we call "Dev layouts", are part of our process for building databases that are easy to maintain.

A dev layout is a layout used in scripts and in troubleshooting problems. Some examples of their use are:

  • Viewing data not on other layouts, like the creation timestamp
  • Setting up an ad hoc portal to view related data
  • Use in scripts for finds
  • Use for testing new functionality

When you add a table to a FileMaker database, a default layout is created for that table. Keep that layout as the dev layout, and name if after the table abbreviation. This makes it quick to find in databases that have many layouts.

Put all the dev layouts into their own folder and arrange them in alphabetical order.